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And Volume 5 ...

Well, I thought I might end up getting all of the issues of The Terminal Journal scanned and posted this month (with NaBloPoMo having a "POEM" theme), but I really had to push to get this done for you today (and didn't work on some very important stuff, so you should feel appropriately appreciative!). There are still two Volumes to go, so 8 more issues ... I'm sure I'll get to those eventually. There are some significant changes coming up in those ... first of all, I switch from color cover stock to a grey and changed the header graphic (incorporating the old graphic as a logo), giving them a more consistent look. Secondly, after the first of the grey issues, I quit putting my poems in and started doing "essays", most of which are very edgy and political. In the last volume (which slid away from the old dating in the last couple of issues, which were going to be very late had I stayed with the seasonal attributions) there were also a couple of issues with almost no poems/stories and mainly had political pieces.

The financial woes of Eschaton were also manifesting, as we had new projects appearing in the catalog pages, but getting "delayed" annotations on them ... none of those "new editions" (or new titles) ever saw the light of day. We had been through the debacle with the distributor by the time the last of the TJs came out and were dragging along "on fumes", and I could no longer justify the cost of printing a magazine which had veered off from its initial vision, and wasn't producing any income to speak of.

Anyway ... to Volume 5 ... it's very odd how my scanner deals with the color covers ... the color of the Winter 1997 edition up there is in reality a very bright, slightly orangey red, but it's coming through as a pink, almost "flesh tone", and the Spring 1998 edition, which looks to be almost exactly the same color, is actually a salmony sort of buff/tan! The other two are pretty close, although the green should be "brighter" and the pink less purpley. Color issues had manifested previously (for instance, the printed version of Winter 1995 is a very intense pumpkin orange, not the "aged newsprint" color that came through on the scan), but this is the first time I felt I should mention it. Maybe I'll dig around and find graphics on the web with "color chips" for cover stock, and do something that indicated what these things should look like (I'm thinking of doing some OCR processing on the indexes and putting them in a listing, so I could add those colors there).

No specifically "themed" things here, but there are some pieces of note ... In the Summer 1998 issue I reprinted a piece by Ron Paul, which sort of surprised me that he had been on my radar back then ... and starting in that issue, and carrying through the next three, is a long piece about working with Kieth Haring by one of his early collaborators, Art Long / Tullio DeSantis ... which was definitely "classing up the joint" content-wise! Also, the "Blatant Plug Pages" started to expand to a second page, and (like the content), getting political at times.

As in previous of these posts, clicking on the graphic up there will take you to the appropriate page over on my Ning site. Hope you enjoy!

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