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OK, if this is LiveJournal's way of "manipulating" us, it's working. As "change averse" as I am, I, for one, can hardly wait for the new graphic management module to be functional, because the old "Scrapbook" thing is WAY screwed up.

What has typically gone click - 1 - 2 - click - 1 - 2 - click - 1 - 2 ... is now going click - wait 20 seconds - click - wait 20 seconds - click - etc. with extra steps having to be inserted as work-arounds since none of the formatting is there (it looks like the CSS file has gone missing), so instead of having a form with clearly defined places to update things, I'm having to go in via the directory structure and use the "manage image" function just to name the files ... so not only is every individual step taking ten times what it usually would, there's a whole extra set of steps (with waits) added on ... so getting up the images for that last post probably took 20x what it would have typically ... so BRING ON THE NEW SYSTEM!

Anyway, if you felt cheated by having 7 of the same graphic in the last post, you can now feast your eyes on 7 different thumbnails linking to the various The Job Stalker posts from April.

Had an odd thing happen last night. I've been using the same little one-ear headset since the early months of 2008 (when my boss at Simuality came in with a big bag of them he'd gotten at a deep discount over the weekend), and I'd been having (predictably for being 4 years into using a sub-$10 headset) some issues of late with the sound cutting out. I'd ordered a new mic/headphones unit from Meritline a week or so back for a whopping $6.99 (with no tax or shipping), and this had just arrived yesterday ... and what decided to up and die (or at least move into having more "no signal" than audio) last night? Yes, my old headset. How did it know that its replacement had arrived??? Heh. It was also weird that I can't hear Pandora in the new headset when it's up in FireFox (where I've been listening to it for years), but all the other audio is coming through OK ... and when I load up Pandora in Chrome it plays fine. Very strange.

I started on a new project yesterday. It's another (you would think I'd have learned by now, but noooooo) of those "we're not paying you upfront but if this comes together the way we think it will you'll be getting a significant percentage" deals, so it's not producing any checks in the short term, but it has some substantial upside potential, so they're getting me for free at the moment. Hope I'm not getting "fooled again"!

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