BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More blitherings ...

... in no particular order.

OK, I'm a sucker for the concept of "doing as much as I can" to advance to my goals, in this case, of course, the goal being GETTING AN F'ING JOB. So, I see a notice about a (free) webinar by a "career" group that I follow, on the subject "How to Make Money Off Your Social Media Skills" ... I've got Social Media skills, I need to make money, what could be wrong? Sheesh. It's like the not-so-old-saw about free services (read: Facebook) on the web - "if you're not paying for it, you're not the customer, you're the product". Now, this next bit is me being a geezer, but the gal giving the presentation was still "a kid", and admittedly had only been "doing social media" for a few years, but she'd been able to pivot from being a journalist to a travel writer to being a "social media consultant" in a very brief career. So, her take on what was needed to "make money off your social media skills" was very narrowly defined by her own experience and situation. Some of her big suggestions? Network. Well, pas de merde, sweetie ... I don't think I'd have come up with that one in a million years ... not. Use platforms like LinkedIn. Ditto previous comment. Sheesh, again. The only non-obvious stuff she got into was pricing, and noted that "social media consultants" make anywhere from $15 to $150 per hour, and she recommended doing nothing for free, and only "work cheap" as a way to get a foot in a door where you're pretty sure that you'll be able to move your rates up soon (OK, frankly, I had very similar advice recently in an e-mail exchange with social media guru Chris Brogan, so I guess everybody thinks I'm an idiot to work on projects that aren't actually paying me anything up front). What's frustrating here is that I could have gotten just about as "good advice" if I'd spent that hour surfing through Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Oh, and about 10% of her time was spent shilling for her "e-books", which she admits is where she makes most of her money (and she got into the "charging what the market will bear" pricing philosophy on those too - in one case having an 80-page e-book priced at sixty bucks ... INSANE!). The take-away from the hour spent listening to this? I'd been suckered into the crowd around the wagon where they were pitching snake-oil ... there was nearly zero benefit for me (and I'm guessing any others on the webinar who had any experience in the field), and I was just there to be pitched to (and she was thanking people in the Q&A who had actually bought things while on the call!). Frankly, this hasn't "helped the brand" of the sponsoring organization ... I'd previously thought of them as a pretty legit operation, but now, I have serious doubts about them.

Why is the world so full of freak'n scammers???

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