BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oops ...

Well, that sort of decides that, doesn't it?

I was contemplating slogging into another NaBloPoMo again this month but somehow June 1st manage to slip by without me getting something written (once again the fall-asleep-at-the-keyboard syndrome hit, throwing me off-schedule by several hours of stuff I'd intended to get done not happening).

I'm finally "seeing the light at the end of the tunnel" of the inexplicably huge project of pinning all my book reviews over on Pinterest ... I mean, it's only a bit over 500 "pins", how long could that take? A LONG time. I'd sat through a very interesting webinar (yes, both interesting and useful - whodathunk?) a week ago and got totally sold on Pinterest, so I've been trying to figure ways to bump traffic on things that I feel need more eyeballs by using that. I already have all of the (so-far scanned) Terminal Journal issues up there, and am maybe 8 hours of pinning away from being caught up with my reviews.

It has been interesting reading my book reviews, going backwards in time. I'm into May of 2007 at this point and it's interesting how much and how little has changed.

As I may have mentioned, I'm "in the process" (a long, slow, process to be sure) of moving my book review blog ( over to a WordPress platform where I can better attempt to "monetize" them with affiliate links (unlike my current long-dead Amazon links) in a graphic sidebar. I'm probably going to leave up the current blog for doing reviews for (as folks there are so anally against off-site reviews with visible ads), but will try pushing as much traffic as I can to the one with ads (I'll have to go back through and edit all my Pinterest links when that's done, of course, but, hey, that's what OCD is for!).

I wish I had a cool pic to show here, but all the things I've recently taken have pretty much just been FourSquare "here I am" shots, and you're probably not interested in seeing the deli counter at Ashkenaz are you? I should have taken a pic of the pastrami sandwich ... that was a think of beauty!

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