BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Blues Fest ...

Before this gets "too stale" I wanted to get it up here ...


61963d5ab27111e19894123138140d8c_7I was having yet another Very Bad Day and The Wife and Daughter #1 announced they were heading down to Grant Park to go hit Blues Fest (Daughter #2 was at a birthday party) ... at that point I figured that I could use some "AKF time", so tagged along instead of breaking stuff at my desk.

We actually walked all the way down there, always an interesting option given the unpredictability of which of my assorted leg joints will or will not be cooperating on any given day. We actually didn't spend very long there, but caught most of one set (at the Crossroads Stage, in the video below) and some of a couple of others.

It was hot, but not oppressively so, but certainly more comfortable in the shade. I, of course, wore "100% sunblock" clothing, but both The Wife and #1 were saying they were feeling like they were getting burned, which I'm sure added to their enthusiasm for leaving when we did (I would have preferred to have put in a couple of more hours there, but didn't feel like doing so solo).

Although I brought 3 cameras (my point-and-shoot, my Flip, and the iPhone), I really didn't shoot that much ... but you're getting samples from all three here ... aren't you the lucky ones!

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Tags: photos, video
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