BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Fireworks ...

Sorry to not be posting much in here ... heck, I'm even getting backed up on writing the book reviews.

I am working on something that might be "good news" finally, but really can't talk about it yet.

I did go out with The Girls, however, this evening to catch the Navy Pier fireworks, and shot a bit of video of the "grand finale", which I whipped up the following ...

We were surprised that they didn't do more of a show ... the City had to cancel the big display that used to always be on the 4th (well, on the 3rd, usually), and Navy Pier added another show (they do ones on the weekends all through the summer) to pick up the slack, but it doesn't seem to be much more than their "usual". Oh well.

I'm bummed about this being out of focus. I didn't bring my FlipHD with me, but shot this with my regular digital cam, which can be picky on what it focuses on (I think out of the 40+ still shots I took tonight, only a handful are really in focus ... which drives me nuts ... I miss my old film SLR for that kind of stuff!). Maybe one day I can get a digital camera that gives me more control, but in the meanwhile I'll just gripe about it.

Anyway, I've been running round like crazy between two projects, neither of which is currently paying me anything, but both of which have at least decent odds of doing so in the not too-distant future. Either/both of them could be big full-time projects that would look a whole lot "like a job".

One of them required me to incorporate, which was an expense (it's insane how much it costs to do so in Chicago) I didn't need ... but the way the project was structured I had to be coming in as a consultancy of some sort, so I dusted off a domain I'd had on the shelf for a while, "Metaphysical Consulting" (.com) and went through LegalZoom to create Metaphysical Consulting, Inc. ... nice to have a quality name handy for this! I just hope it isn't "throwing good money after bad", although the project sure looks like it's going to be taking off (but they all do in the beginning, don't they).

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a few reviews done in between things here, and will be posting more than once a week!

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