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Hey ...

Yes, I'm feeling guilty about not posting much in here of late.
However, generally speaking, it's because I'm insanely busy at the moment. As I noted, one of the two projects that I was working on has evolved into full-time work, although the nature of it is "complicated" and sufficiently so that I can't really go into the details yet. Suffice it to say that this sort of "bloomed" from "a project that I was helping out on" a few hours a week into a titled position and 12-18 hour days very rapidly!

While I'm certainly thrilled to be "working on WORK" rather than working on looking for work, my head's spinning as we're in the midst of a HUGE project ... and a lot of the stuff I'd been able to pay attention to (oh, like reviewing books - I have six sitting here forlornly awaiting me to leverage out the hours needed to write about them) has gotten shoved to the back burner while daily emergencies get dealt with.

It will be nice to have some income coming in again. Last week Daughter #1 had her "engineering camp" down in UofI downstate in Urbana, and we rented a car to take her down there and then again to pick her up, and The Wife made the wry observation that those two long drives pretty much served for "our vacation" this year.

Anyway, if you're following me on Twitter and see me off at all sorts of locations, it's because we're doing site visits upfront of future events ... although I'm so busy with other stuff that I'm also hardly on Twitter at all of late either (except for 4Square and Instagram posts).

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