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Yes, it was bothering me when I got that post up earlier ... I knew I had one other nerdy bit of news to blither on about, but (no doubt due to the previously noted sleep dep) I couldn't come up with it while writing then ... however, it just popped back into my head.

Now, I didn't see all of the Olympic opening ceremonies (I got in somewhere around the L's in the parade of nations, and watched through the rest) but I understand that there was a certain segment of the population that was a bit miffed that a particular very long-running British sci-fi show didn't make it into the program, despite being on the air for fifty years.

I then heard that the Dr. Who segment had been "cut due to time", which I thought was painfully ironic ... so much so that one might even entertain the notion that they intentionally cut the segment just to be ironic, but maybe I'm just over-sensitive to hipster-isms. I hear tell the only surviving nod to the show was a brief bit of the theme that was in another segment. I suspect the Mary Poppins thing (which I didn't see, but saw a pic from) would have been far more interesting had it involved Daleks.

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