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Felt like I had visited an old neighborhood today when I poked my nose in over on DeadJournal, one of the first of a flurry of LiveJournal clones "back in the day" (2001 as it happens), that cryo has kept alive (er, maybe not quite that) all these years. I was one of the first few dozen folks over there, but never used it, really (I'm now up to a whopping 6 posts over 10 years), but it's one of those things that has its own little piece of real estate in my brain. Those particular synapses were triggered today by a discussion over on LibraryThing where the subject of how to "flag" link-only reviews that had moved into "pining for the fjords" was being tossed around. I recalled that DeadJournal had various deathly icons, and suggested that instead of a flag per se, using a little tombstone (like, for instance, DJ's favicon, seen at the start of this paragraph) would be far more evocative, and less "you're doing something wrong!" (a favorite mode for some over on LibraryThing).

I'm sorry that I've been so AWOL around here of late. As I've noted, I'm involved in a project that is taking up massive amounts of my time (so much so that I've not been able to block out the time to write any book reviews for a month, and have like 10 books and counting waiting for me ... and I'm sure you've missed reading my literary insights terribly). This has been very hush-hush up to this point, but since there currently are dozens of press releases going out, I guess I can at least start to talk about it! We just "pulled the tarp" off the the first of several web sites (that have been taking the majority of my time) for HeadsUp Communications, whose logo can be seen over there ===> HeadsUp has been around a number of years, based out of Atlanta, and has been primarily a "negotiation training" consultancy. They are creating a new Chicago HQ, and are launching a number of very public events, for which they've assembled a local team ... including yours truly. One of the first "public" things we're doing is my presenting at Ignite Chicago tomorrow, with a little thing about the subject of the history of negotiation training. I'm doing a video version of this as well, so you'll no doubt be seeing that soon (I share all my videos with you, don't I?), but I guess a few tickets are still available, if you want to come see me live down at 1871.

I may be back in here with an edited-in update (as I'm feeling like I've forgotten something that I was going to blither on about, but am presently drawing a blank), but apparently that's it for now.

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