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Video, video ...

So, last weekend I told y'all that I'd have a video up from my presentation at Ignite Chicago (down at 1871) last Monday, and even thought I might have it up that evening. Well, being it's something for work and being that anything for work can't be simple, direct, or easy (I spent eight hours today trying to undo something on some of our Google accounts), this wasn't "ready for prime time" until tonight (it's a long story, and I may tell it to you some day).

Now, the format for an Ignite presentation centers around 20 PowerPoint slides, which get automatically launched every 15 seconds, making a 5-minute presentation. In this, I took the slides and just recorded a voice-over of my talk. I had initially scripted the talk so that there weren't so many long, uncomfortable, pauses, but because the material being presented was very specific to HeadsUp's main business, this got edited and edited and tweaked and edited right up until I had to leave to GIVE the talk, and I "lost the battle" on not having those pauses in there.

There's also a video that just came out from Ignite which is more-or-less of me giving the talk (they cut in on the slides quite a bit here too) ... ... although I'm mortified at a) how I look (they say the camera adds 10 lbs., but in this case it looks to me like it's adding 100!), and b) how much I'm looking at my notes (mind you, this was very carefully scripted, so, like a Scientology auditor, I had to be quite attentive to not vary from the approved wording) and to the monitor in front of the stage (again, to time out those long pauses).

However, I'm sure that there are plenty of you out there who will enjoy mocking me, so I figured why not cater to the crowd.

I had hoped to have had up another video of the Chicago Air & Water show this weekend, but I was having a hard time getting coordinated with the planes ... I'd hear them, but by the time I could extract myself from my desk/computer and grab my FlipCam and get out to the living room, the "good shots" had already passed by. I did shoot a dozen or so clips, and I'll take a look to see if anything is useable, but don't expect any grand Air Show cinematography appearing here in the near future.

Well, there's video - have at it!

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