BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another year older and deeper in debt ...

So, yeah, it's my birthday.

And, yeah, I'm now 55 years old (how the hell did that happen?).

And, without fail, the Universe found a way to kick me in the teeth to celebrate.

As those following along at home may or may not know, the "job" that I had for a whopping 10 (unpaid) weeks of 12-18 hour days evaporated a few weeks back. I had, however, gotten hooked up with a possible exciting new gig, that had the serendipitous elements of the head of the company reaching out to one of my contacts to see if he knew of anybody to fill a couple of positions, the same weekend the I reached out to my contacts looking for pointers to new gigs ... and this guy was somebody whose book I had recently reviewed ... perfect match, right? Well, I ended up in their "pipeline" (rather than getting contacted by the head guy), made the first cut to the point of being sent an extensive pre-interview questionnaire to fill out, and then made it to the next cut when I had a phone interview with the Manager of the Chicago office on Friday, which was left with him going to be following up with a subsequent call today. However, instead of getting to the next step (an in-office interview?), I got the following from their generic HR department yesterday:
Thank you for the time and effort that you put into your application. We appreciate your interest in working with us.

We're sorry, but we don't think you're a match for this particular job.

We received hundreds of resumes for the position and it was a tough decision. You made it to the advanced stages of the process.

We wish you great success with your job search.
Sure, I knew I wasn't the only candidate for the gig, but come on, this could have at least come out from the guy who I spoke with on Friday. I'm feeling very much shat upon at this point ... plus like I've been kicked in the gut over and over.

So, happy birthday to me ... NOT.

I get it, the Universe hates me, nothing is ever going to go right for me, and life is nothing but an increasingly rapid spiral down the toilet of loss, pain, and despair.

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