BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Nothing quite says "good morning" like a chopper outside the window ...

I wonder how folks put edited pictures up on their Instagram ... did everything I could think of to get this pic onto my damn iPhone and nothing worked, and if it's not on the iPhone, I can't get it up on Instagram. The plus here is that you see it, and nobody else. Don't you feel special now?

That noise ... no, it's no longer the helicopter, it's my TEETH GRINDING.

Anyway ... this was what I woke up to today ...

... don't know what it was doing, just hung there for a long time and then left ... couldn't see any fire, accidents, or car chases it might have been filming down below. Figured I'd share.

Oh, and, as usual, if you click on the pic you'll get the massive big version.

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Tags: photos
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