BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Y'all may be seeing more of me ...

OK, so I'm SICK of having folks jump down my throat with sanctimonious bullshit over on Facebook every time I make the mistake of opening up and being "authentic". I wish the web was back to the way it was 10 years ago where I could rant and rave and "let it out", because I'd be being MUCH more descriptive about how I feel about that in here, but everybody has their nose in everybody's business, AND I'M STILL TRYING TO FIND A GOD-DAMNED JOB, so I'll just leave it at that "I'm mad as hell" and figure I can vent in here and just be ignored.

I seriously HATE being told that I shouldn't be angry, depressed, or hopeless just because it's not GOOD to be angry, depressed, or hopeless. I wish the f'n world would CHANGE so that I didn't end up angry, depressed, and hopeless, but that's the way the f'n world has been dealing out the cards to me (GOD DAMN IT ... I HAVE BEEN OUT OF WORK FOR THREE AND A HALF YEARS!!!), and what am I supposed to do? Be happy-happy-joy-joy over losing everything I ever had, seeing my kids have SHITTY childhoods because I can't provide for them what was provided for me, and staring into the face of possibly not being able to get them to college?!

No, it's not good to have bad feelings. It's not conducive to being HIRED because you're "poison" ... damn them all to hell.

Anyway ... sure, the people doing searches can find this blog too ... but I doubt anybody here gives a rat's ass what I type, so I'm not as likely to get savaged here. Of course, I could be wrong ... wouldn't that be lovely. But you're likely to see more "real posts" from me coming up because Facebook is a nest of vipers.

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