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More video blithering ...

Gee ... I put this up on YouTube a couple fo days ago, but forgot to pass it along in here ... sorry about that! I actually will have another book review video coming up later today, so you have that to look forward to.

I'm not sure that I'll be doing these for every book I review because, frankly, they currently take a hellacious amount of time to do (the "zooming out" animation is manually created, for instance, which takes nearly 2 hours). I'm still keeping an eye out for some (preferably free) program that would let me do "moving around screen in interesting ways" effects for the book cover that would not require so much hand-crafting. The "bouncing" animation is done with a screen-cap program (the very nice EZvid) recording the "test" mode of a fairly antique screen-saver program (Photosav32), which works out pretty well since I just have to re-size and re-name the cover image, drop it into the main directory for the program and hit "run", without having to actually install the screen saver. Needless to say, if anybody has any suggestions of programs that would let me have the graphic do zooms and other attention-getting animations (so folks don't get bored looking at the screen while the audio track plays), do let me know what you'd recommend!

On other fronts, this was a very rough Xmas. I'm still feeling pretty horrible from it, and I'm afraid that the worst of it isn't over yet (financially). Three and half f'n years of sending out resumes, and I still can't get a damn job. Sucks to be me.

[Edit} Oh, I forgot to mention how pissed off I got when I discovered that these video reviews were too big to submit on Amazon ... this one, which was shorter than most, ended up being 1.5x the size they let you upload. I had really hoped I'd have been able to use these over there.

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