BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, this too ...

Another of these little video things, this being my review of Randy Gage's "Risky Is The New Safe" ...

... of course, you've already read the reviews here (you did read them, didn't you?), so this is just my doing them out loud whilst the book cover alternately bounces around or zooms out of the screen at you.

Speaking of the bouncing and zooming ... if anybody knows of a free/cheap program that would allow me to have it do that sort of stuff (and more ... spinning and swooping would be nice as well), I'd appreciate hearing about it. I've been using "photosav32" for the bouncing animation, which works great, but it's sort of limited on the amount of time it can be on screen without getting boring. The "zoom" animation I'm still doing by hand, which takes an unreasonable amount of time. I was poking around the web for weeks trying to find something that would allow me to have a graphic (book cover) doing interesting things over a background, but really wasn't able to find anything that wasn't "hazardous" or pricey. Ideally, I'd like to find something that I'd be able to do a check list of effects, hit "random", and let play while I do a screen grab of the action ... is that too much to ask? From my search results so far, it would appear that it is.

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Tags: video
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