BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, it's THAT ...

I woke up this morning in a funk ... and was having a hard time sorting out just WHAT among the numerous horrible things that I have to deal with was the particular one that was causing said funk. While I've not ruled out some things specifically disappointing that look to be linked to non-celebration of New Years, I think it's the Bears.

The particular nature of the funk was somewhat familiar. Back in my drinking days (and I've not had a drink since 6/30/85) I would predictably get depressed over a Bears loss ... and perhaps it was because yesterday the Bears WON this was delayed.

For those of you not paying attention, the Bears are only the second team in recent NFL history to go 7-1 in the first half of the season and NOT make the playoffs. They ended up 10-6 ... same as two other teams that DID make the playoffs ... but got bumped on the "tie-breakers", in this case (I believe) the comparative in-division records (3-3 vs 4-2).

Now, the Bears should have won a couple of games that they lost. Three of those games were by a touchdown or less, and if the Bears had a reliable offensive line (rather than whatever they could patch together each week), I suspect they'd have finished 13-3, won the division, and have had a first-round bye ... but nooooooo. It's sad to think the whole season could be seen as coming down to one play call, but as I understand it (in a game I didn't get to see), they had a late 4th-and-short in fieldgoal range that they opted to go for, failed, and the opponent took over, tied the game, and won it in over-time. Kick that FG and you're in the playoffs. Sigh.

It's an ugly way to end the season. Plus, there might be major changes coming to the team ... key players may not be back, the coach may be replaced, it might be a few years of "rebuilding" ... nowhere near as fun as looking forward to at least ONE playoff game.


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