BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yikes ...

Sometimes it's just better not to "get around to" big projects.

Over the weekend, aside from blocking out the new website for Nature's Little Recyclers (which may go live on Monday), I decided to jump in on a long-festering "problem" of book organization/storage. I long ago ran out of shelf space in my office/library and I had, for several years, simply been stacking books up under my desk as I'd gotten done with reading/reviewing them. Well, this had progressed to the point where it was getting hard to use my desk, and there was a book that I wanted to connect with for the radio show (although I discovered it was for next Sunday night's show, not today's), and I'd gotten some appropriate-sized storage boxes on Friday, so I decided that I'd attack the project ... after all, how difficult would it be to just box up a bunch of books, right?

Uh ...

OK, so if it was just "throw random books into boxes", it probably would have been an hour or two. However, it was "let's make believe that each of these boxes represents a shelf on a currently un-realized bookcase" and I was proceeding with both updating my listing with "location tags" (I'd set up a coding system that would tell me exactly where each book was in my library, which bookcase, shelf, and place in linear order on the shelf) for each book. Oh, and doing screen grabs of that listing which I then was editing into page-size graphics and then dumping into a wordprocessing document so I'd have a print-out of what was in each box.

Oh, and about 4 boxes into the process, I discovered that I was "missing" big chunks of the books ... which then had me searching through OTHER boxes here (of the file variety), which eventually turned up about a year's worth of reading that I'd previously tucked away "non-systematically".

The problem that I have on-going here is that, as wonderful as my habit of the past several years (and I've made my target each of the past seven yeas) of reading a minimum of 72 non-fiction books a year may be, it ends up filling up just about two shelves, or half a bookcase, per year. And I ran out of bookcases a number of years ago.

Of course, the real problem is that I'm a "pack rat" and have a VERY hard time getting rid of anything. If anything had been important or significant at any point in time (cancelled checks and monthly paperwork from my publishing business, for instance), I can't make the disengagement from that classification. If I could clear out a lot of that stuff, I'd at least have places to put the boxes of books. (sigh)

Plus, of course, having been BROKE for so long, I'm down to one storage locker, and that's way out of town (I used to have 3-4 lockers, each for different stuff, put aside at different times, around town, as close as 5 blocks away). I really wish I could just pack most of this stuff off to even a 5x5' locker somewhere!

Anyway, I had hoped to have had all this sorted out by now, but I'm only about half done. Not enthused.

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