BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Books, books, books ...

LT-AC-130107Whew. I'm not quite done with the book organization project, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. I do need to head back to UHaul before getting it caught up, however, as I need to swap the medium boxes I'd gotten a while back for more small boxes. It turns out that the smalls are pretty much perfect for doing a shelf's worth of books ... which I hadn't expected as they're not much bigger than letter/legal file storage boxes, which don't quite hold a self (and thereby don't work for this project).

I'd been "living" over on the LibraryThing site the past 24-36 hours, and it crossed my mind (after stacking up and then boxing hundreds of books) to take a look at my "author cloud" over there. I've shown you this before ... but it's a fun thing that shows the relative number of titles that one has for all the authors in one's collection, and in the "live" one (on site, as opposed to this graphic that I stitched together with screen grabs) you can click through to the Author Page for each on LT. What triggered the thought was, after noticing quite a few Seth Godin books in the mass I was dealing with, wondering how big his name had gotten on the list (he appears to be in the third largest font size).

I find it fascinating that there are fiction authors still prominent in this, especially as I've not read hardly any in the past decade ... I guess it goes to show just how much I did read "back in the day". Some of them I know backwards-and-forwards, but oddly there are a few big names there that I can't, off the top of my head, list a title for ... yet I must have cranked through a lot of them to get the names big there.

What? You can't read any of the names there? Even the big ones? Well, just give it a click and you'll see a big-as-life fill-your-screen (and then some) version where you can even see the 1-title authors!

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