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Well, got TWO months up on the Big Poetry Site ... May and June 1997 ... 48 poems! Again, that's all at ... go take a look.

But, WAIT! That's Not All! There's a new poem penned over the past 24 hours! ISN'T THAT AMAZING?!

Aside from that, all sorts of real-world depressing crap is going down ... but you don't want to know about it ... better to take it filtered through the poetry lens.


                    the darkness intrudes
                    in every aspect
                    this shadow follows
                    wherever we may go
                    whatever we may do
                    no matter the context
                    still there is doom
                    and it stains our soul

                    no more tomorrows
                    all future is grey
                    shaded like graves
                    walls closer than tombs
                    we lie in no casket
                    and yet we decay
                    putrescence to dust
                    decline into ash

                    all our plans
                    all our hopes
                    all our dreams
                    are broken here
                    all things good
                    are corrupted
                    there is no joy unsullied
                    there is no prayer unmocked

                    we spiral in descent
                    wasted and waste
                    flushed out by a world
                    which has no use
                    for those like me
                    spurned at every hand
                    with sneers of disgust
                    or total indifference

                    our anguish
                    has no lower limit
                    these terrors
                    have no end
                    there is no waking
                    from this nightmare
                    there is no release
                    from this looming curse

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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