BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, crap ...

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! I went over to Walgreens today, with the intent to stock up on some more of the old-rate CTA passes while picking up some other stuff, but somehow I missed the datum that TODAY was the day that the fares went up! I had the money to get another 10 sitting in my pants all weekend, but I never made it out of the house. Man, that pisses me off ... essentially losing $42.50!


The CTA was sneaky this time with the fare boost ... they didn't change the regular fare on the bus and subway, either cash or regular cards, so the "popular outcry" is likely to be muted from what it might have been, but they really socked it to ME, and others like me that don't travel back and forth to work every day (did I mention that I'm looking for a job???), but will be out-and-about on occasion. I was a fairly frequent user of the 1-day pass, as if I took more than two trips, I'd be saving over using my regular rechargeable card ... I would frequently run up as much as $11 "worth" of transit over a 24-hour period on a $5.75 card, cutting my transportation cost nearly in half.

But that's gone now ... I'd really have to have a full agenda of places to be around town over a 24-hour period to make the new $10 1-day card worthwhile. I had planned on getting another 10 of the old cards (I'd gotten 10 earlier), but that slipped by me this weekend. I hate it when I have a mental screw-up like this. I feel like I just dropped two $20s and change down the sewer.

Fortunately, Groupon is still offering their deal on the old 3-day passes for $9 ... it's not as "focused" as the day pass, but it's a buck cheaper and is good for two more days. I can only order 4 at a time ... and they have to be used by September ... but I think it might be a good thing to have.

GRRRRR ... hate losing out on a deal!

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