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So, somebody over on Facebook was asking if anybody lived in a highrise ... I guess she was contemplating moving into the city from out in the suburbs. This had me rustling around looking for good pics of our view. I found one to post, but was spurred into wanting to shoot some more panoramas. It was a bright crisp morning today, and I could clearly see across the end of the lake over to Michigan City, IN (easy to spot when clear due to the cooling towers at the power plant ... although not visible in these non-zoomed pics), so I grabbed my camera and shot some images. My camera has a panorama setting that lets you stitch together three images, but it's a bit clunky (you have to line up the next image with a "ghost" of the previous, which is hard to do when perched on top of a couch, leaning up on the windows to avoid getting too many reflections) and this was assembled for three sets of these.


I probably would have been happier with the results had I just shot individual images and pasted a bunch of them together in, but I shot the panoramas, and so was working with those. I suppose it would be better as well if I went into manual exposure and set it one way, so that the individual images weren't adjusting for the variance in the light ... but thinking like that just makes me miss my old film SLR (I've never been particularly happy with any digital cam I've had).

This isn't actually our full horizon view ... this is about from NW to ESE, and (were I to have gotten all Hockney about this) I could have added a bit more over to WNW. In my comments over to that Facebook post, I was noting that living up with the curvature of the Earth is all my kids know ... which I suppose has ruined them for living at ground level. Kind of like my having grown up in Manhattan and getting nervous whenever there's not enough cement around!

Figured I'd share the pic. As usual, you can click on it for a bigger version (although I opted not to upload the full-size 6269px wide original!).

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