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"Hey, that's ME!"

IMG_1615aSo, today was largely dedicated to running errands (my FitBit tells me I walked about 5.5 miles), starting with a few follow-up blood tests at my internist's office, then swinging by the big AT&T store on Michigan Ave. to have them walk me through setting up voice mail on my cell phone (yes, I know, I've had my iPhone a year and a half and I'm just now getting around to setting up voice mail ... go ahead, call me a Luddite), and then getting a long-overdue (I was playing some tunes for my 17-year-old daughter the other night and realized that my hair was long enough to do a good "metal" hair swing to Christian Death's "This Is Heresy") hair cut. That's ===> a mid-cut pic. It was amazing how much hair was on the floor afterwards, but the gal cut it way short on the back and sides, so I must have lost 4-5" in the process. Click on it if you want to see me bigger ... I have since trimmed down the beard to match the haircut.

I got to "guest" on another Blog Talk Radio show tonight, which was kind of fun. I do love blithering on the airwaves, and (as you probably already know) regularly do two BTR shows on Sunday night. Doing radio was really my #1 job goal coming out of college (I'd done 3 years of shows when at Lawrence), but could never get in the door anywhere after graduation, even with having done (over two summers) the basic undergraduate program of Northwestern's Radio/TV/Film degree (at the School of Speech). I'd not been including than prominently on my resume previously, but somebody pointed out to me that, since it included all the prerequisite courses, it basically counted as another major I completed, along with the three up at L.U. and it looks good as a "practical" counter-point to the "liberal arts" of Religion-English-Art.

I am planning on starting my own "show" over on Blog Talk Radio one of these days, but the main focus (initially, at least) would be to be a place to throw up the "podcast" audios that are the main elements of those video book reviews I've been dabbling in. As I've noted, those take a hellacious amount of time, as much as 4-5 hours each, so I've been limiting which books I've been doing them on (largely those for the social media and/or marketing niche, since who really wants to hear me read the review about a Gurdjieff-associate's memoir?).

Anyway, I didn't have anything more "newsy" to bring you today, but with it being a NaBloPoMo month, I had to crank something out, and had shot that for a FourSquare check-in, and figured I'd foist my smiling face on you!

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