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Chicago Now, again ...

GTC-logo-01arWell, it looks like I'm back in the Chicago Now fold "officially" (not that I'd "officially" left, but The Job Stalker has been silent for months, and I've not posted to it for maybe half a year ... we are still looking for somebody to take over writing that, just in case you might know somebody). This morning Ed and I went to meet with Jimmy Greenfield who's in charge of the Tribune's ever-growing blogger menagerie, and while we were sitting there at Starbucks, he went clickity-clickity-click on his laptop and got us set up. The name of the blog is going to be Green Tech Chicago, and I just got done whipping up a logo concept (which you can click for a bit bigger version).

Jimmy liked our ideas for interviewing and featuring various people in the urban farming and other "green" sectors, and even made some good suggestions for types of posts. We're hoping to be able to keep up at least a 2-3 post a week frequency, but being an "information exchange" for the niche, we might do shorter, simpler (basically pointing people to other news pieces elsewhere), posts more frequently. I'm hoping to be able to do more video interviews, and get those up with the posts, etc.

As I think I noted yesterday, Ed's probably going to pen the basic posts (when they're not interviews, or news links), and then I'll edit his copy into a more polished format. Needless to say (again), I'm hoping that this will get me more exposure and might lead to some paying work (given that the worm biz is looking to have a fairly long ramp-up to the point where it will be producing checks of any significance).

Oh, and speaking of the worms ... I got another episode of "Will They EAT It?" shot today, so I'll have that up probably by the end of the weekend. I know you're waiting with bated breath (which I suppose is better than having "baited" breath ... waka waka).

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