BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Nananana Nananana BloPoMo ... goodbye?

OK, so really, really, if I wasn't trying to get a NabloPoMo done, I wouldn't be posting today.

I don't have anything of interest to post, but am a festering load of angst, anger, and aggravation ... which I'm trying hard to not spin into a "venting session" in here. (You're welcome.)

Frankly, I got quite a lot done today, but it was insanely frustrating in that I had planned on spending all day on Project #1, with a bit more on another couple of projects, but got swept up into Project #3 (where I'd had a small breakthrough on an issue which had both held it up and quadrupled the time I'd spend on it), and ended up working on that for most of the day, which then dove-tailed into Project #7 which had been sort of hovering in the background, waiting for me to shake loose some time. That ended up taking up a lot less time that I'd figured, which is always a treat ... but it ended up getting ugly when parts of it were blatantly dissed by people who had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, but when I'd gotten everything good to go, and live on the web, decided that they could have done a much better job. Because the shithead in question also had a (somewhat inexplicable) connection to the OTHER project, it's tainted both of them for me today, and instead of being relieved to have knocked off two things from my endless to-do list, I'm pissed about both.

I was also in a funk over having spent most of the weekend not getting anything accomplished except for "Daddy duty" stuff of getting The Girls where they needed to be. I very seriously could fill a 72-hour day every damn day, and STILL not be caught up on what I need to get done. Stress is the ocean in which I f'n swim.

I've got an opportunity to go do something tomorrow morning that would be FAR more interesting than getting to the stuff that I wasn't able to get to today, but at this point I don't know if I can justify the 3-5 hours that it would rip out of my day. Part of me wants to go for "schmoozing" purposes, but the part of my brain that tries to triage the time is giving me a hard time about the "usefulness" of that compared to Project #1 (although that is debatable too). Damn it. I've not had a drink since June of 1985 but part of me just wants to say "screw it" and stay drunk till I die. If I can't get PAID to be functional, I might as well just dive into the void.

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