BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, you wanna VISIT the worms???

Yes ... you have an opportunity to get "up close and personal" with Nature's Little Recyclers! Aren't you excited? On Friday, March 1st, we're doing an event down at The Plant, "An Evening With The Worms" ... here's what Ed wrote about it in the EventBrite listing:
Chicago is a transformational city, known for it’s amazing and foundational changes that other cities copy. On March 1st, Nature’s Little Recyclers will be hosting their grand opening of their Vermiculture project at The Plant. This celebration is being crafted to bring together the change agents, experts, and startup leaders from Chicago’s future-forward communities, sharing in a unique social event.

Nature’s Little Recyclers will be offering a evening of conversation, presentations, and talks throughout the evening along with locally produced appetizers, refreshments, and beverages from Chicago local organic cooks and businesses. Our discussions will be led by some of our cities Social Media influencers and networking experts, in a rare gathering of high potential thinkers and doers to share their love and commitment to Chicago, the people and its future. In this age of climatic change and economic uncertainty, this will be a chance to explore how Chicago will lead the world in green solutions, and create a green growth economy that will be the envy of the world.
Plus, I put together a handy-dandy map that shows that one can, with a minimum of hassle, get to The Plant (which is, certainly, in the middle of nothing, being located in the old Stockyards area) by public transportation, either via the Red Line and the #47 bus, or the Orange Line and the #9 bus. Needless to say, clicking that little thumbnail over there ===> will pop up a vastly bigger version of the map with full instructions on getting down to The Plant from the rest of civilization.

Speaking of maps ... one of the things that I've been lining up to do for the worm biz is to start schmoozing with various people in City Government. We'd already met the old Alderman for where The Plant is, but there was just a major re-map of Ward boundaries (which, while not being "official" until 2015 is already being implemented ... which I know because not only did my polling place get moved, but we've already been informed to start addressing questions to the 2nd Ward Alderman instead of the 42nd Ward guy), so rather than it being part of the 3rd Ward, The Plant's now in the 15th, and in kind of a "four corners" arrangement with that, the 11th, 12th, and 20th Wards. Not that any of them give a rat's ass, since nobody VOTES out of there, but we're going to try to get the Aldermen from all those Wards at least aware of us, and hopefully interested in helping us out as we start generating large amounts of high-quality compost for "The District" (Chicago's new "urban agriculture" development that over the next few years will be transforming 13 square miles worth of abandoned lots into farm plots).

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