BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Even worse ...

(Sigh) ... Oh, shit .. just when I thought stuff had bottomed out, it takes another fun-house drop. As of today, I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep Eschaton going past the end of the year. I just "discovered" (OK, so if I was the "efficient bookkeeping" type I would have kept up with this stuff) that we were getting charged about $45/month for our credit card merchant account ... but we don't get ANY credit card orders any more ... hell, we don't get any DIRECT orders of any kind any more ... we used to get a couple of dozen a month, now we might get a half dozen a year. All those bullshit "explode your business by accepting credit cards" ads are lying ... or I'm just so DAMNED CURSED that nothing will work for me ... as soon as we started to accept credit cards, our orders PLUMMETED ... and when we got the 800# order line, they dropped to next to nothing. Go figure. Every time we made it easier to get our books, we sold fewer. Right now the only thing going for us is Amazon, and we get only a few hundred bucks from them a month. We had been having enough to cover our basic expenses (storage, mailbox, phone, website), but I hadn't been figuring the merchant account fees ... probably for two years ... which means that there is probably about $1,000.00 less in the checking account than I thought there was. I called up the bank today to check on the balance (and, yes ... if I had been opening my bank statements, I'd have noticed this ... but I am simply incapable of dealing with this number stuff!) and we at least had a couple of hundred bucks in there ... now I need to scramble through the piles of unopened mail here and find the checks from Amazon, etc. and get a deposit in (I typically wait to have about $1,000 in deposits before bothering to put them in). I'm just glad I hadn't "pulled the trigger" on one of the projects that I'm working on that would have involved cutting a check for several hundred bucks ... I don't think we've ever bounced a check (amazing, really, given my general financial incompetence) and the psychological impact of doing so would NOT be a good thing for me now.

Speaking of bad psychological impact ... WHY do I never get ANY response from my resumes??? I have been sending off dozens a week and I almost NEVER {side note ... in my life there are a lot of "never"s ... but these do not tend to be absolute "never"s, but 95%+ "never"s ... there's always just enough response to let me know that I was not HALLUCINATING the entire project ... for example ... a couple of months ago I did a 600+ piece mailing for my Unicity Network biz ... I got ZERO "expected" response, but was told in passing by folks that they had gotten my mailing ... the same is true with the resumes ... I have gotten a couple of letters from places I applied to, but the ones that have responded have always been the places that I knew I didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell for getting a job!} hear back. I wish these fuckhead would just develop a standardized postcard saying "Hey, LOSER ... eat shit and die!" ... since then I'd know they actually GOT the resume and looked at it enough to at least extract the mailing address! It just KILLS me (and the literalness of that is getting closer each and every day) when I send out a resume for a job that I am 100% a "home run" for, and never hear a PEEP back!

Bleh. I wasn't intending on writing a big post. Just wanted "to share" that thing have managed to get even worse. As I have previously noted in this space, it sucks to be me.

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