BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Missing my "sig" graphic?

Wow ... it looks like has just up and CLOSED without any warning! I was noticing that my "graphic sig" that I've been using for ages on my posts wasn't loading, and that any attempt to get to their site was timing out ... then I see I had a note from PayPal telling me that I wasn't being charged by them for my usual monthly payment. You would think they'd have had the decency to WARN users that this was happening and let us get our images out! This sucks.

I think I've been using LJ's own photo storage since January 2006, but it means that everything I posted from when AOL dicked around with THEIR storage (where you no longer could link into it from outside of AOL), to when I started using LJ's is now not showing up. Of course, I also likely have nearly a thousand posts (I've made nearly 4,500 over the past 13 years) that used to have that little "BTRIPP" graphic on them that are now in need of re-coding. Bleh.

{edit} P.S.: To be fair, that was long enough ago that the e-mail associated with the account might very well have been my old main one,, that ended up evaporating on me soon after Winstar bought MCS back in 1998. If I had started my WebLogImages account before that, it's quite possible that notification e-mails were going out to a dead box. However, my AOL account is still active, and (aside from the PayPal note) there was nothing in there from them.

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