BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Feeling so violated ...

Man ... you know, I've been doing this computer/internet stuff for a LONG time now (since the mid-80's), so I'm pretty savvy about not getting hooked into bad behaviors as far as security goes. But today I got an email update from a program, EZvid, that I occasionally use (when I do those video versions of book reviews, it's the screen cap program that grabs the "bouncing" book cover that's animated by another program) encouraging me to get the latest version. Now, these guys don't make it easy, they have all SORTS of download links on their home page, most of which are ADS to install crap you don't want, and I went to one of the pages on their FAQ which supposedly had the direct download link. I guess not. This piece of crap ran an installer that COULD NOT BE SHUT DOWN, and which, midway through, CLEARED FIREFOX, re-installing a version with a hijacked toolbar, search, homepage etc.

Now, if that was all it had done, I could have lived with it (and fixed it, like I eventually did ... I think, after I rebooted it was back on the "homepage" when I started up FireFox, so I may have some more digging to do). However, in the process of hijacking the browser, it CLEARED MY HISTORY. I had 150+ tabs open. MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TABS that are now GONE. I had jobs that I was going to apply to there, I had articles that I was going to read, I had on-line projects that I was in the middle of, I had e-mail accounts, I had social media things, I had blog dashboards open ... all gone. It's like somebody broke into my office and swept everything off my physical desktop into a garbage bag and dumped it.

I'm in shock, and feeling extremely violated. I am also very, very, angry. Those motherfuckers at EZvid should be very happy that they live in Los Angeles, as I might have paid their office a visit if they were here. I hope they die in a fire ... slowly, very painfully, very slowly.

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