BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Just in case I forget to post tomorrow ...

Crack of dawn tomorrow I'm running down to McCormick place to get my press credentials (Yay!) for the Windpower show, and kind of get "the lay of the land" on that. One of the nice things about doing the Green Tech Chicago blog is that we get queried about covering/attending/publicizing a bunch of stuff, and this was one of those. The challenge is that our blog is rather specifically about what's happening in Chicago, so just "general" green stuff, unless we find it really cool, is sort of outside what we're likely to cover.

I also have to have a bit more of a tête-à-tête with the press room. When we go to these conventions, we're primarily looking to shoot 1-2 minute video mini-interviews with folks doing interesting stuff - basically giving them the opportunity of doing their "elevator speech": who they are, what their company's about, what's notable about their product/service, etc. Coming out of a show with a half-dozen of these will keep the blog "fresh" for two weeks, and is usually popular with the exhibitors (they get some face time, plus we crib from their printed and web copy for the text), and the show management (lots of virtual ink). However, this show has some serious limitations on video (which was eventually explained to me as being due to there being "proprietary technology" at some of the booths that folks don't want to have recorded), requiring anybody planning on doing any filming to have a public affairs team "handler" out on the floor with them!

Obviously, with the sort of thing we're looking to shoot, the odds of us "leaking secrets" is pretty slim ... and especially in regards to the level of technology (we've got a lot of queries on stories about less-than-exciting stuff like aluminum extrusion systems to make wind generator blades - not exactly our sort of story) that would be a concern!


That's all just explaining why I might be distracted tomorrow.

LJ13thCakeWhat I really started to post about is tomorrow is my "LJ B-DAY" ... 13 years of blithering in here! This should be my 4,487th post, which works out to averaging 345 posts per year. That average, of course, has come way down from what it had been as of late (and especially since I've sort of "hit the wall" on writing book reviews - I've got a dozen books waiting for me to be able to triage the time to get to reviewing them), as I've only been coming up with 2-4 posts most months (except for those months where I decide to do a NaBloPoMo).

Of course, this drop-off is not atypical for the long-time Live Journal user ... unless they're the type that uses LJ as a "digital diary" (and there are still a number of those around) ... as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest have drained off "content" which would have, a decade ago, been pretty much only featured here.

For me, at least, LJ remains the location of choice for "long form" scribblings, with anything much over 200 words seeming like it belongs here rather than on the other platforms. Still ... wish I was writing in here more.

Anyhoo ... didn't want the date (easily remembered as it is Cinco de Mayo!) slip by unnoted.

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