BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How the HELL did it get to be Tuesday?

Man... that's what I get for pushing projects through ... I didn't get any sleep from Sunday morning till Monday evening ... and then I got one hour here, one hour there, two at midnight, back to work, then back to bed at 4 ... up again at 8am ... I guess that covers getting to be noon on Tuesday. Ack! Plus, of course, I'm getting ONE major project done per 2-3 weeks, trying to backfill with little things. All my creditors are on my ass too ... somehow I can't get around to paying bills more than once every three months ... that damned "financial phobia" where I can't even look at my checkbook without slipping into a panic attack!

Grrrrrr.... somehow everything is shit, and I can't see how anything is going to change (for the better ... I can always envision things getting worse)!
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