BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A really fascinating article ...

polaris93 sent me this link ... it's to a rather lengthy look at 2nd Amendment issues here from the view of Pravda, of all things. The Gun issue is so polarized here that you pretty much already know what any given political/media person is going to say before they open their mouth ... this piece is "thinking outside of the box" and is very interesting. I mean, just imagine any U.S. media outlet describing the Southern Poverty Law Center as "a rather shady group of lawyers who make profit by suing organizations they label as “hateful”" or describing the NAACP as "a pro-black group with origins in the communist movement of the turn of the last century"!

Frankly, I think that some of their "filters" are inappropriate (is there REALLY a "class" conflict going on in the US?), but it is interesting to see some of the issues framed in this manner.

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