BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that's embarassing ...

GEDC2230aMy last post was my four-thousand-five-hundredth (4,500!) in here, and what did I do? Apparently, took a month off from posting. Oops.

Sort of like an anti-NaBloPoMo.

I have excuses ... you wanna hear 'em? Eh. Well, I'm going to blither on a bit anyway.

#1 - Things have been increasingly grim financially ... we're having to cash out my life insurance just to make bills and property tax payments. That really sucks.

#2 - While it's not bringing in much money, I have been doing some writing projects ... corporate blogging and newsletters and such ... and, frankly, there are only so many hours and so many words my brain can spew, and if they're going in that direction, they're not showing up here.

#3 - Much like in #2 above, I've also been pretty actively writing stuff for the Green Tech Chicago blog over on Chicago Now, and I can only write one thing at a time.

#4 - The past month was quite a blur ... we had the worm biz in Funding Feeding Frenzy, then in the Techweek Launch competition (we were pretty much the only "green tech" thing there). Due to the GTC blog, I've also been getting invited to "cover" (ha!) other stuff, and have attended a number of conferences, which also take up a lot of time.

#5 - The worm biz. We have 5-6 serious contacts about investors in that, but it's one of those things ... a lot of work for a "maybe" payoff. If we end up with a "money partner" soon, that could flip to a full-time job, but in the meanwhile it's a bit "chop wood, carry water", with the particular wood and water being writing promotional pieces, designing packaging, massaging/managing the web site, even making "seed bombs" on the dining room table. Busy, busy, no-cash-checkie.

Oh, and just so you don't bitch that this was a "content-free" update, there's a pretty picture for you to look at ===>

P.S.: If they'd add LiveJournal to the options on sharing from Instagram, Foursquare, and Vine, you'd likely be seeing a reasonably constant flow of imagery here, but since I have to dig into those via their web interfaces, find their embed/link codes, and then manually do a post ... well, the results are conspicuous in their absence, aren't they?

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