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More video ...

OK, so back when I was actively* penning The Job Stalker over on Chicago Now, I would, every now and again, flood this channel with links to my posts there. Ah, you remember.

Well, as I've mentioned here, over the past half year or so I've taken on the main writing role for Green Tech Chicago, which relies rather heavily on assorted brief interview videos. Using the new-found power of the LiveJournal "share" button on YouTube, I could be passing these along here ...

... although, frankly, I'd be much happier if folks just went on over to the blog to read my scintillating prose, as I tend to be conspicuous only in the editing on these videos (when we're shooting, Ed usually asks the interview questions, I try to make sure the interviewee stays in frame). Anyway, that's the lastest one.

Hmmm ... maybe I can update the share buttons on the blog posts so that LJ is one of the visible buttons (it's in there, but you have to dig into the nearly endless list of options in the dropdown that comes up when you click on "share"). I wonder how that would appear in here.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

*I am, nominally, back to being the official blogger for that particular blog, having had my replacement bug out and the replacement that he found to step in never get around to writing anything, so it sort of dropped back into my lap. While I am still looking for work, the modality I'm in is less aligned to filling up a blog about it (I no longer read 8 hours of Twitter a day - which produced both vast numbers of places to send resumes and lots of links to pass along there), and have been making a post every month or two there just to keep it on Google, etc.'s radar.

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