BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

LJ stuff ...

Wow ... I'm three comments away from having posted twelve thousand comments on LiveJournal. That's a lot of blithering!

Now, I've been on LJ for 13 years, 3 months ... which is 159 months ... so that would be about 75.5 comments per month ... or around 2.5 comments per day. Hmmm ... well, that doesn't sound excessive.

Just thought I'd note it since I saw the numbers on my profile.


Speaking of which.

The reason I was looking at my profile was that I was checking up on some things being discussed over in the earlyadopters group. There is a chance that I might be taking over some of the management functions over there. I also noticed that several of the folks who are still active on my Friends Page (and I assume are still reading me) are Early Adopters but have not joined over there.

I'd love to get more REAL Early Adopters into that group. Unfortunately, many of the recent additions there are clearly "hacked" accounts of actual Early Adopters, which is skewing that community into pointlessness. It would be great to have more folks who have been around since the beginning of LJ involved there!

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