BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

That was a nice way to start the season ...

Well, they kept me interested all game.

One of the nicest things about today's 24-21 win was that a) the Bengals had been picked by many as the likely AFC representative in the next SuperBowl, so were hardly "chopped liver" ... and b) out of the 8 "serious" prognosticators in the Tribune's sports pages (discounting Steve Rosenbloom, who aspires to the sort of blind devotion to the team that was exemplified by the old "Super Fans" of classic Saturday Night Live ... who, remarkably, showed up in some new commercials today!) six of them had picked the Bengals over the Bears. This should make for a very pleasant week of sports page reading, as these guys "eat crow" and expend verbiage about why the Bears were better than they'd thought they'd be, rather than discussing why the team won't do anything this year.

Of course, starting off 1-0 is a whole lot better than starting off 0-1 ... we don't have a hole to dig out of yet ... and who knows, if San Francisco beats the Packers this afternoon, we'll be a game up, which would be a SWEET way to start the season!

By the way, would anybody hate my bringing back my "Bears scoreboard" form many years ago? ...

  BEARS 24

... heh! I guess I must be feeling good about the Bears' chances.

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