BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Why was this a nail-biter?

I don't think my nerves can take many more 4th quarter come-from-behind wins. Of course, this week, my Bears didn't ever quite fall behind, but they let the Steelers back in the game. At one time we were up 24-3, but it was just a 4 point game at 27-23 by about halfway into the 4th, so it felt like a comeback when they got the last couple of TDs.

  BEARS 40

It was especially a nice day with both the Packers (1-2) and the Vikings (0-3) losing, but it suddenly looks like that Lions (2-1) game next week is going to be very important for division ranking (frankly, everybody was expecting the Vikings to win and the Lions to lose, so the rest of the division would all be 1-2 behind the Bears, but that didn't quite work out), followed a week later by the undefeated Saints.

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Tags: da bears

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