BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

H.B.T.M. - take 2

{OK, this is weird ... I posted this initially a couple of days ago, but it disappeared. Fortunately, gushgush and justgoto left comments on it, so it showed up in my inbox, and I was able to retrieve the copy intact. This is the first time I've ever seen a post just up and disappear ... has this happened to anybody else? Anyway, I'm back-dating this so it shows up where it was previously.}


Well, yesterday was my birthday, and found this "doodle" up on Google all day ... sort of fun! Of course, being logged in on my Gmail/G+/YouTube account makes it easy for them to push through personalized content, which has its creepy aspects (like how different one's Google results are from a logged-in search vs. an anonymous search), but this was nice.

I've been busy with Social Media Week this week, so that's the main thing I did (aside from Daughter No.1 and I going to see the Cubs on Sunday). My birthday dinner was decided at the last minute (we had some other options that did not quite come together), and I selected going to Dick's Last Resort. I used to like Dick's back in the day, but it has been likely a decade since we went there (The Girls were quite small the last time), and in the meanwhile they'd moved from North Pier over to Marina City. If that was the only change, things would have been fine, but, unfortunately, they'd wimped out on their menu since they've been downstairs of House Of Blues. The two menu items that I was really looking forward to having, the crayfish "mudbugs" and the "big greasy" beef ribs had disappeared from the menu. Our waiter explained that they had problems with people "not getting" the concept of the big ribs (thinking that they'd be getting pork baby back ribs, and being upset when the "Flintone-esque" beef ribs arrived), and generally not ordering the crayfish, so they'd eventually dropped both from the menu. Damn. F'n tourists.

We had a nice enough dinner, however, with a big combo platter of appetizers and a rack of ribs ... but it sure was disappointing that the things that I remembered the place for were gone.

I was at a half dozen presentations today for Social Media Week, and have another five tomorrow (followed by another networking event), so it's been busy-busy-busy, and a right proper schmooze fest (which those of you who stalk me on Twitter and FB have seen pictures of).

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