BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More poems up ...

Whoopie. This took forever ... don't know why. I've been sort of "stuck" the past week, partly due to The Wife starting a part-time research gig in the evenings, which means I have the kids until she gets back (i.e., I don't hit my desk till midnight), but partly due to being pretty much at my wits end as to "what's next?". I'm not getting any response to any resumes ... we have no money left ... etc., etc., etc. ... we're now looking at having to sell our home by spring and find someplace else to move. I never wanted to move from here. It is hideously depressing ... and, needless to say, being in the throes of that sort of depression does NOT make Brendan a particularly effective worker bee in the fields of job search, or anything else.

Anyway, got March 1997 up on the Big Poetry Site (ever so handily found at ... as always). As noted, this was a bear getting done, so don't make my efforts go to waste ... go READ those suckers!

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