BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

If nothing else, my OCD wants to know ...

Anybody know what's behind the "user ratings" on LJ?


I tried finding info on it but haven't found anything that explains how that's determined.

I must admit, there's a certain "ego" element in this interest ... as you can see from the above, I'm currently in "7,677 place in user ratings", which I have to think is pretty good considering that Wikipedia says: "As of November 2012, 39,663,771 accounts exist on LiveJournal, with 1,790,795 listed as "active in some way.", which would put that figure in the top one half of one percent (.004) of the active accounts, let alone the 39+ million overall accounts. As I've never consider mine a particularly "popular" journal, I'm wondering what's making this rank so high.

Poking around, I see that some other long-time active accounts on my Friends List also rank in that neighborhood ... but not all accounts have that info. Which further confuses me. Does anybody recall seeing any info on this stuff?

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