BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, LiveJournal's messing with the code again ...

I admit it ... I'm notoriously averse to change in most things ... heck, I've lived in the same high-rise for 32 years!

I was an Early Adopter of LiveJournal, and got used to the original design elements and have been having white text on a black background with grey accents for 13+ years. With a few key exceptions, my "Friends Page" was set up the same way, y'all showed up with a nice consistent grey bar ... no color but what showed up in your icons. About a week ago, however, that changed. The grey turned into a lavender, the one thing that was sort of a buff color is now a bright blue, what had been black is now sort of a puce, and the only thing that didn't change was the one thing I had a white background for. Oh, and instead of white or black text in the bar with your pics, it's now blue, which (needless to say) looks like crap on the various colors that are presently showing up!

I'm not happy. I feel like I've been forced out of a Model-T world into a VW Bug world!

Does anybody remember how/where the colors are set for the Friends Page? I'm guessing that the Russkies pushed through some code that ignored the original settings, and I'm hoping I can go back in and switch everything back to grey, etc.

(grumble, grumble, grumble) ... I should threaten to go back to using DeadJournal ... at least over there the "goth" look never went out of style!

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