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That's the way you do it ...

Well, THIS was totally unexpected!

  BEARS 27

The line was Packers by like 11, and all the Trib's prognosticators (well, except for Rosenbloom, whose picks sound like they come from the old SNL "SuperFan" table) had the Packers winning by anywhere from 11 to 18 points. Of course, what happened was pretty much the only plausible scenario for pulling out a Bears win ... we broke Aaron Rodgers on their first offensive series. Their back-up, while being a capable veteran QB, had only been with the Pack since the first week of the season, so was hardly in sync with the game plan. They almost beat us with a combination of that new rushing attack and a terrible performance by our defense (if Urlacher was watching, he was probably puking at the state of the D ... when not yelling "MISS ME MUCH?" at the screen), but Matt Forte pounded out enough yards (over 100 on the ground) and chewed up enough time that we didn't let this one slip away.

Anyway, a win's a win. And a division win is golden. And beating the Packers at Lambeau is "priceless" (and way too rare). Plus, it looks like the Bears have a legitimate #2 QB in Josh McCown, who has stepped up since Cutler went down and been solid bordering on inspiring in leading the team. The chat shows on ESPN this morning were suggesting one of the reasons that Cutler is saying he's going to try to be back for the Lions game on Sunday is that he's worried that if McCown has too much success, it might not bode well for Cutler's contract negotiations at the end of the year! Nice problem for the Bears to have. Just wish they could fix the defense ...

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