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Oh, by the by ...

NaBloPoMo November 2013I am seriously contemplating instigating another NaBloPoMo this month ... been a while since I did one of those (uh, my OCD made me look it up - guess it wasn't that long ago, January 2013).

Frankly, this arises from two factors: one, I've been getting reminders from the NaBloPoMo site (November is the "big month"), and two, between book reviews and the Bears, I'm 5/5 so far on the month, so I'm already 1/6th the way there.

Just wanted to warn everybody that there might be some excess blithering going on in here. Heck, I might even foist thumbnails of Green Tech Chicago posts on you the way I used to for The Job Stalker.

But you'll read it and you'll like it. Savvy?

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Tags: nablopomo

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