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NaBloPoMo no mo?

So ... the big news is that over the past weekend I GOT A JOB. My head's spinning because it was so sudden, but I got hired as a "content specialist" (i.e., writer) for a company that had been an exhibitor at the Uncubed event a couple of weeks earlier.

Obviously, this is great news ... and the job itself is great. The only problem is that it's IN LOMBARD ... a suburb out in "the land beyond O'Hare".

The first few days I was taking the suburban rail system Metra out there and then taking suburban cabs to the office (pictured here - click for bigger). That was taking 2 hours each way and costing me about $35/day. I since have been trying the public transit option, which involves taking the Red Line to the Pink Line, to the end of that line, to a suburban Pace bus to the mall that's across the road from the office, and then a 15-minute walk in (unless I get there VERY early and can catch another bus). Total time on this? It took me 2.5 hours going in yesterday and THREE HOURS to get home last night. Yep ... work 9 hours at the office and then have 5-6 hours of commuting to get there. Doesn't leave much left of a day.

As much as I hate cars, I'm now having to consider getting one ... but I don't have a CLUE. I'd like to get something cheap but functional, but don't know anything about cars, so my assumption going in is that I'm going to get ripped off. All the basic things I've thought to check end up being WAY expensive ... but that's probably because I have no idea what to look at (I had doing a monthly rental suggested to me, but that's going to work out to the equivalent of doing the $35/day cost of the train and cabs).

The drive time out to Lombard is only 30-35 minutes, however ... so the idea of getting back 4 hours or so a day is VERY appealing.

Anybody out there know ANYTHING about getting cheap cars?

The title is me wondering if I can keep up doing a NaBloPoMo this month if I'm dragging in late at night and then falling asleep at the keyboard ... so little time all of a sudden!

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