BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How ironic ...

I just finished reading Jason Fried's new book "Remote", which is about working remotely.

Now, I love my new job - when I'm AT the job ... but I absolutely hate the commute. Plus, my job is writing ... writing all sorts of stuff, but it's just doing clicky-clicky on a keyboard, which I could do anywhere ... and most of my assignments come in to me via email (across the office) anyway.

This afternoon I got a new project dropped in my lap ... which was to develop material for an infographic we're having done for a particular project which is about ... wait for it ... how our products help companies use remote workers. Ironic.

I'm probably going to have a more-me-than-the-book review of Remote when I get to that, since I've both worked from home for large stretches of time, and am currently suffering through a killer commute (it took me three hours to get home from The Land Beyond O'Hare again tonight). If I was working remotely, it would free up 20-30 productive hours per week ... hours that are now wasted in the process of getting my butt from downtown Chicago out to a seat in Lombard and then back home at the end of the day.

Again ... I love the job when DOING the job, but it's a cruel pointy stick that it's so damn far away!

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