BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What fun ... wonder why we don't have it here ...

I just realized that it's only TWO DAYS till the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special! And, yes, I'm going off to see it live at a combo MeetUp of the Chicago Doctor Who MeetUp Group and the Chicago Nerd Social Club on Saturday at Noon at a heavily-overbooked location up on the north side.

This was the Google Doodle today in New Zealand:


It's a game with Daleks and Cybermen and all 11 Doctors ... I only got a couple of screens into it before I gave up, however, but if you're into old-style low-res games, you may be able to waste quite a while on this. I just hope it ends up (in playable form) in the Doodle "archives"!

Ah, I see from this article that it's going to be globally featured today ... which I'm guessing means tomorrow and that it just appeared first in New Zealand and we'll get it some time after midnight.

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