BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Now, this is nice ...

I just ordered a CD from Amazon tonight (frankly, just to get an order that I was placing for a birthday present for Daughter #1 up over the new higher $35 limit for free shipping) and was introduced to their new Cloud Player and "auto rip" service.

Right now I'm listening to the album I just bought ... plus it added all the available tracks (some albums just have one "auto rip" track) from all the albums I'd bought from them over the past several years (unfortunately not including the "used" purchases - which I've bought 10x over "new" from Amazon directly).

I've never been much for downloading music ... something about having the physical CD is psychologically comforting - I've had WAY too many files vaporize over the years in HD crashes, etc. - but I might be able to get used to having all that up "in the cloud". They also have apps so one can listen to the files through one's phone (something I've also not attempted ... I'm such a dinosaur - still mainly listen to music via a stereo system).

I suppose it's somewhat ironic that the album in question is over 40 years old ... "Blows Against The Empire", Paul Kantner's 1970 solo project "with Jefferson Starship", which was the first appearance of that name - but in this case a loose grouping of SF buddies of his and not yet the official post-JA band (Jefferson Airplane had two studio albums later than this).

Anyway, found it cool that now when I buy something form Amazon, I automatically get it in the cloud as well!

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