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Start of the season ...

OK, so things start moving in a certain lock-step from this weekend through mid-February. The weekend before Thanksgiving is when the North Michigan Avenue Association does their Festival of Lights promotion, including a Disney co-sponsored parade (which proceeds down Michigan Avenue with Mickey Mouse - we got out on Oak St. too late for him this year - in the lead float "lighting" the various holiday displays). Since the parade starts just a block or so from our place, we've gone out there since The Girls were very small ... although in their early years (when my Mom was still around), we'd get a window seat at a restaurant in the Bloomingdale's mall, and watch from above as the parade made the turn from Oak onto Michigan.

I've not had particularly good luck with still pictures from this in previous years, so this time I took out my FlipCam, which got much better images (I suspect that frame-by-frame they're as blurry as the still shots, but as they're moving, it looks better), and put together this little video:

I wonder (given my new schedule) if there's any chance of me shooting some video of the Santa Train ... which is another of those "Chicago holiday events" that I tend to like to catch.

This week, with Thanksgiving, also features us getting up early (well, it's no longer early for me, as I'm out of the house by 5:30 every morning to get out to Lombard before 8am!), and going down to the loop for the Thanksgiving Parade ... then, on Friday, we go see the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus at the United Center. This is then closely followed by Daughter #1's birthday (she was due on Thanksgiving, but I guess wanted to hang out to have some turkey dinner), which is a big one - she's turning 18! This, of course, then is followed by Santa, New Years, the NFL Playoffs, and Daughter #2's birthday, a couple of days before Valentines Day. Tis' the season, eh?

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