BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another nice thing ...

Gee ... I guess they like me.

I got informed today that I'm going to be getting a holiday bonus at the new job, even though I just started on 11/11 and am "officially" an hourly contractor for the first 90 days. They were, however, feeling bad that I wasn't going to have any hours on the days we're closed for the holidays, so decided that they'd make it up in a bonus ... right thoughtful of them!

I had to go with layers today, as the Yorktown mall's parking lot is getting more and more like "frozen tundra" in the mornings. I had a hoodie on under my leather jacket, and found some gloves for the first time this season. I recently ordered a head cover thing (see pic - don't I look like I should be on a post office wall?) ===> which should help when it starts to get really cold. But maybe by then I'll either have a car or will have cajoled my way into working from home. Anyway, with this sucker, my ears won't freeze off during the 20-minute walk from where the bus leaves off over to the office.

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