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18002Got out of work 45 minutes early today (woop!), which at least meant that I got to see some sunlight while waiting for the bus ... and I got home at 6:30 instead of 7:30. Sat around and stared at the TV (there was an NCIS marathon of shows I'd not seen), and started prep on my main part of Thanksgiving dinner ... the brussels sprouts recipe (click for full size) over there ===>

And, yes, if it looks familiar, I've probably posted that image a half a dozen times in here. I'd rather bore you with it than lose it in a computer crash (although the yellowed and brittle newsprint original is still around here somewhere). It's one of those "family favorites" that has been a part of Thanksgivings and Xmases for decades. Always look forward to having that as leftovers in the fridge!

As I think I mentioned previously, I spent the first half of the Bears game on Sunday doing a couple of Kahlúa Pecan Pies ... another family classic (although one that I've not made in several years) out of an old promo cook book from Kahlúa. Gotta scan that some time, as Pernod Ricard doesn't seem to be inclined to re-issue it.

Tomorrow morning we get up early (well, not early for me anymore ... not getting up at 4:30am is going to feel like sleeping in!) and head down to the Loop for the Thanksgiving Parade ... another of our family traditions. I should pull together a collection of pics of The Girls from those - I should have shots of them from every year. Then, of course, on Friday morning we're off for the United Center for the Circus!.

I only have 3 days left to complete the NaBloPoMo ... so you can pretty much count on seeing pics and/or videos in here.

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