BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Why, lookie there ..., if I hadn't ended the month on a book review, I'd probably have mentioned it ... but I did manage to complete a NaBloPoMo for November 2013! Woot - go me. I figured balloons were called for ...

It seems to me that NaBloPoMo had far more interesting "badges" back in the day ... the current ones are somewhat south of "meh", so it hardly seems celebratory tacking one up on the blog.

I feel especially accomplished this time as I'd started it before suddenly getting hired and having my scheduled eviscerated by the 14-15 hours that the jaunt out to Lombard takes ... meaning that I managed to get a blog post done every day last month despite being "indisposed" between work and that 2.5-3 hour commute each way.

Frankly, I feel like I need a big honking trophy for this, but I guess I'll settle for balloons (and having a paycheck!).

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Tags: nablopomo
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